When Warehousing Is the Next Major Step in Company Growth

Any business that provides products needs warehouse space. Even a brand-new e-commerce operation run out of your home needs it. Your garage may act as the warehouse, but it is still a warehouse. So it stands to reason that growing companies eventually reach the point at which warehousing represents the next major step for growth …

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Centralized or Decentralized Fulfillment: Which Is Better?

The aftermath of the COVID pandemic has us rethinking nearly everything in logistics. One of the more interesting debates going on right now is the one over centralized and decentralized fulfillment. Is one better than the other? And if so, is it always better? Like nearly everything in business, there is no one-size-fits-all fulfillment model …

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Why Centralized Fulfillment Works for Ecommerce Sellers

Centralized fulfillment is among the many service options we offer at Shipping & Handling of Texas. We help ecommerce professionals make the most of their opportunities by handling order fulfillment and shipping. We pick, pack, and send orders to customers on behalf of our ecommerce partners. The centralized fulfillment model works for so many businesses …

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Houston Warehousing: 5 Viable Reasons to Rent Space

Organizations throughout the greater Houston area look to us for long- and short-term warehousing solutions. Houston warehousing is big business for one simple reason: it meets pent-up demand. We are happy to meet that demand. We offer warehouse space along with a variety of related services, including cross dock services and pallet rework. Why would …

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Pallet Rework Overhang and Underhang: Why It Matters

Do you ship palletized products to major retailers in Houston or the surrounding area? If so, have you ever run into problems with freight being rejected because pallets are not prepared properly? This is a fairly common problem, which is why we offer pallet rework in Houston. Our pallet rework solutions prepare your pallets in such a way as to guarantee acceptance by major retailers without question.

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How the Pandemic Has Forever Changed Last Mile Delivery in Houston

Talking about how the pandemic has changed everything is getting almost as tiresome as the pandemic itself. But the profound changes society has endured over the last two years are undeniable. You can see them everywhere. The pandemic has even had a permanent impact on last mile delivery. It has changed a core part of our business forever.

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Is Your E-Commerce Fulfillment Partner in Houston a Full-Service Provider?

Today’s logistics industry offers services that make it possible for entrepreneurs to establish robust retail operations without having to maintain their own warehouses and fulfillment centers. Shipping & Handling of Texas is the perfect example. Our e-commerce fulfillment services in Houston offer everything an online retailer needs to get products from the manufacturer to the customer. In essence, we are a full-service provider.

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Cross Dock Services in Houston: What to Look for in a Provider

Evolving distribution models within the retail sector are putting more emphasis on reducing shipping costs. For some companies, this means investing in cross docking. Whether handling it in-house or outsourcing it to a logistics provider, cross docking reduces shipping costs by consolidating loads and integrating deliveries.

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Is your fulfillment partner saving you money on shipping?

When looking at overall order fulfillment costs, such as receiving, storage, pick and pack, and shipping, the shipping cost is usually the variable that changes the most and incurs the greatest cost.

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Kitchen Table to Fulfillment Partner

Ten years ago, online retailers rarely considered fulfillment partners. Today, fulfillment services have evolved, and cost savings and advantages to the entrepreneur (both hard costs and opportunity costs) often exceed fulfillment rates.

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