Fulfillment for PPE

Need short term warehousing or fulfillment services for PPE?

Shipping and Handling is here to partner with your business for your combined warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping needs. In these ever changing times, our flexible terms allow us to be a perfect partner to distribute and house bulk quantities of personal protective equipment on behalf of your business. We can provide either alternative delivery or short-term storage.

Give our team a call at 281.783.6454, email us, or fill out our contact form to learn more.

Parcel Optimization

We have volume contracts in place with all the large carriers for domestic or international shipping, including UPS, The USPS, DHL, and Fedex. This allows us to send your packages the fastest route possible, at the best rate, enhancing your customer’s experience and saving you money!

Communication is Essential

We understand the important responsibility we have as an extension of your business. Our logistics companies have grown because of our unparalleled commitment to exceptional customer service. Unlike other fulfillment centers, you will be able to contact us on the phone and have extensive reporting capabilities.