Houston Warehousing: 5 Viable Reasons to Rent Space

Houston Warehouse

Organizations throughout the greater Houston area look to us for long- and short-term warehousing solutions. Houston warehousing is big business for one simple reason: it meets pent-up demand. We are happy to meet that demand. We offer warehouse space along with a variety of related services, including cross dock services and pallet rework.

Why would local companies rent warehouse space from us? Here are just five viable reasons:

1. Plans to Move

Houston companies do not stay put. They move around as their needs dictate. Oftentimes, moving creates the need to temporarily store everything from office supplies to raw materials. Temporary warehouse rental allows companies planning to move to continue operating without any hiccups. They keep just what they need at their current locations while warehousing all the excess until they move.

Along those same lines, we often work with companies in the midst of expanding. They are adding second or third locations to their Houston operations. Temporary warehouse space makes it possible to order everything they need in advance, thereby facilitating a smooth transition when it is time to open a new facility.

2. Seasonal Flexibility

Certain types of businesses operate on a seasonal model. Take retail, for example. They operate at normal inventory levels from mid-January to the end of October. From November through the first part of January is the busy season. That is when they need immediate access to seasonal inventory.

Short-term warehouse space provides that access. Retailers store their inventory with us, retrieving it on an as-needed basis. Once the busy retail season is over, they don’t continue paying for warehouse space they no longer need.

3. Fulfillment Assistance

Hand-in-hand with seasonal flexibility is assistance with order fulfillment. Warehouse fulfillment is a service we can provide along with basic storage. This is particularly helpful to e-commerce operators who may have the resources to handle order fulfillment most of the year but still struggle during the annual shopping season.

4. Handling Overstock Issues

Some of our Houston warehousing clients are manufacturers. They have their own warehouse space onsite, but that space is not enough to handle overstock. Renting warehouse space gives them extra storage capacity for any excess inventory waiting to be purchased. This makes for better management of the ebbs and flows of manufacturing.

The importance of being able to rent warehouse space cannot be understated for manufacturers. Warehousing represents overhead, and manufacturers must do their best to keep overhead to a minimum. The advantage of a service like ours is the ability to rent space on-demand. Manufacturers are not locked into signing multi-year leases on warehouse space that will not be utilizing year-round.

5. Managing Onsite Clutter

Rounding out the list is managing onsite clutter. Houston warehousing is ideal for organizations that have material they cannot dispose of despite the fact that it amounts to little more than clutter on their own premises. Until they figure out a better solution, they can store that material with us. We offer both short- and long-term storage at reasonable prices.

We Have the Space

We see plenty of reasons to consider renting Houston warehouse space rather than obtaining your own building. Granted, your own building might be a better option if you are looking at permanent storage of significant size. But for short-term needs involving a limited footprint, renting is usually the better option.

We rent warehouse space to organizations throughout the greater Houston area. Whether you are a manufacturer, a retailer, or any other type of company with a need for reliable warehousing, Shipping & Handling of Texas is here to help.