When Warehousing Is the Next Major Step in Company Growth

houston Warehousing

Any business that provides products needs warehouse space. Even a brand-new e-commerce operation run out of your home needs it. Your garage may act as the warehouse, but it is still a warehouse. So it stands to reason that growing companies eventually reach the point at which warehousing represents the next major step for growth and expansion.

Is your company at that point? Are you and your team trying to figure out warehouse fulfillment? Do you wonder whether your company can afford Houston warehousing?

All your questions can be answered with some research. There is a lot of information out there, so expect to have to dig around a bit. Commit to looking at all your options and asking as many questions as you have. If warehousing is the next major step in your company’s growth, you need to find a solution that meets your needs.

Outsourcing Warehousing and Fulfillment

The good news is that you do have options. The first option, and we highly recommend that you look into it, is outsourcing both warehousing and fulfillment through a single facility. We offer both here at Shipping & Handling of Texas.

By outsourcing both, you kill two birds with one stone. We provide all the warehousing space you need for your inventory. But we also provide fulfillment services. You send us your orders. We pack them up and ship them out. This allows your company to grow and expand without having to immediately bring on a large fulfillment staff. You get the warehouse space you need the same time.

Renting Warehouse Space by Itself

A second option is to just rent warehouse space by itself. Houston warehousing offers a fair amount of open floor space right now, but it is expensive. Do not expect commercial space to get any cheaper anytime soon.

Also bear in mind that renting your own warehouse space represents a major boost in your overhead. Sometimes that is necessary to move the company’s growth plans forward. You need to spend a lot upfront in order to gain a lot on the back end. If you are prepared for that, great. If not, think long and hard about the overhead issue.

Move Your Whole Facility

Your third option is to simply move your whole facility into a new building that offers both office and warehouse space. But is doing so appropriate to your current growth targets, or is such a big move something you are saving for the future?

Moving into a large, self-contained facility requires a huge commitment. It requires a financial commitment as well as a commitment to deal with the short-term hassles that come with growing into a new space. But if your current circumstances can support such a move, maybe it’s the right one.

Set Some Company Goals

We would obviously love for you to choose the first option AND choose Shipping & Handling of Texas as your outsourcing partner for both warehousing and order fulfillment. But we also understand that your company has unique needs. So here’s what we would recommend: set some company goals for growth and expansion. Set short-, mid-range, and long-term goals.

The immediate decision about warehousing should align with your short-term goals. What do you need to do to keep your business growing right now? The solution you choose may allow you to transition very nicely to a mid-range plan. Only you and your management team can decide.

You have a growth problem that needs to be solved. It is a good problem to have, so keep that in mind while you’re searching for solutions.